Sony Pictures Released a Venom Movie Release Date

Warner Bros. Pictures‘ just announced the release date of the Venom movie, It will hit theaters on October 5, 2018!

First appeared in the comic book series as an alien costume worn by Spider-Man in Marvel‘s “The Amazing Spider-Man” #252 in 1984, it was several years before the creature left Peter Parker and merged with photographer Eddie Brock, forming the anti-hero known as Venom. Since then, the character has appeared in a variation of different forms and bonded with several different hosts. In the “Ultimate” Marvel Universe, the suit has a more earthly origin, created by Parker and Brock’s scientist parents in an attempt to cure cancer. The Venom most recently symbiote has been moving between hosts, including Mac Gargan (aka The Scorpion) and Peter Parker’s old high school rival, Flash Thompson.

Venom earlier appeared on the big screen, played by Topher Grace in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3.

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