Sony Quickly Removes PS4 ANTHEM Video After Using Xbox’s Footage


 People on NeoGAF noticed that the Anthem footage might have really been from the Xbox One X version shown at E3. At various points in the video, due to the edit, you can see that PlayStation button prompts were overlayed over the Xbox prompts.

Xbox marketing manager Aaron Greenberg had a blast with this story, tweeting today, “Oops!” but we haven’t yet seen a comment from Sony’s side.

Well according to Forbes, who catch the video before it was so removed with what dignity Sony had left, the video trailer still had Xbox button prompts on it, just overlayed by the PlayStation buttons. So certainly, it had simply been badly photoshopped. Whether it was edited by EA or Sony, no one knows right now but it was quite poor, why Sony didn’t make their own video is beyond us.

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