Sony Revealed The Plans For E3 2018

PlayStation 5

One of the important parts of E3 has always been the consoles press conferences where they reveal the latest games and technology to be in progress over the coming year. Sony has leaked their plans for E3 2018 already!

It was confirmed by Shawn Layden, a Sony executive, that they will not be announcing any new hardware. That means that rumors of a PlayStation 5 will remain rumors for this year. They are also not having a traditional conference this time.

For E3 2018, Sony will be hosting exclusive and detailed looks into four major projects that are already filling excited gamers with hype so far. The four projects of focus are:

  • Death Stranding by Kojima Productive
  • The Last of Us part 2 by Naughty Dog
  • Ghost of Tsushima by Sucker Punch
  • Spider-Man by Insomniac Games

All of these projects might very well be giving us both a story breakdown trailer and some long-awaited gameplay footage. Hopefully, they also will include some release dates!

While those four games will be the focus of this year’s show, there is a promise of including third party and independent developers projects announced as well.

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