Soon You Will Get The Refund For Unwanted Games for Xbox One and PC

iron man xbox one

Microsoft is testing a new refund feature for Xbox One and Windows 10, With which you will be able to refund the games you are stuck with. The terms of refunds are almost same as you get on Steam.

Photos of the announcement started surfacing on Reddit a few days ago. Called “self-service refunds,” the service aims to “provide a quick, easy way of returning a digital product.”

According to the same Reddit post, all games have to be returned within two weeks of purchase. Gamers must not have played them for more than two hours.

This test is only for some Windows Insider members right now, essentially the alpha stage. According to a statement provided to Kotaku by Microsoft:

We’re always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience and regularly release new features into the Insider Program to encourage and foster fan feedback, which helps us test and refine features before they reach general availability.

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