Special Edition Final Fantasy XV Audi is on Sale For $470,000

Final Fantasy XV Audi

Check out this super cool special Final Fantasy XV Audi R8. It is a real life car and not some computer rendered graphic or prototype, it is one of it’s kind and going on sale in Japan.

Dubbed “The Audi R8 Star of Lucis,” this car appeared in Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV and is a collaboration between the Final Fantasy XV team and AUDI. It’s now going on sale as part of Final Fantasy XV’s launch.

The car is priced at 50,000,015 yen (US$469,256), Audi Japan is holding a raffle to give out the chance to buy. Interested individuals can enter starting November 21 at 10:00am in Japan. This is one of a lifetime opportunity and not just you have to come up with huge chunk of cash but you have to be really lucky to be picked up in the raffle.

Final Fantasy XV Audi Final Fantasy XV Audi Final Fantasy XV Audi Final Fantasy XV Audi

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