Spending Moments With Your Kid

What Does It Mean To Have Kids At Your Home?

Kids make your life fuller, joyful, and beautiful. At the same time, they make you go around and run around them, driving you crazy as a parent. Who says you have to handle only one professional boss in the office, you have a bigger boss at home you kid bossing around you.

If you spend time with your kids, you will get to learn something new from them. Well, kids are naughty indeed, but that doesn’t mean they are difficult even to handle.

All they need is your attention mixed with a little bit feeling of care and love.

In these busy days, you indeed find very less time to spend some moments with your very own kid! With both sets of working parents or only one parent staying at home, somehow you become so busy in your work that you tend not even to notice your kids minute milestone or some new activities.

Hence they become very engrossed to the digital world ticking themselves in a room. Later the parents panic seeing their child being stuck indoors only hardly stepping out in the yard!

No matter how busy your life becomes, you need to take out a few hours for your very own kid. It will give you immense pleasure to see your child growing up in front of you.

You are witnessing all the milestones right from birth, crawling, sitting, standing, walking, running, and so on. Every single moment is to treasure and become memorable to you.

How You Can Spend Time Your Child

In this busy schedule, it is indeed difficult to take out time for your child. Even if you have a babysitter at home, ensure that you, as a parent, spend some time with your very own little one. This is the moment where they seek your utmost attention, love, care.

  • During weekends begin your day right from the moment your kid wakes up. You can brush, wash your face together. This way, you will be teaching your kid too of daily routine.
  • Secondly, they have breakfast together. Go out and play outdoor games or you can do some activities like encouraging your kids for gardening or watering your plants. Or you can go for swimming for long hours beating the summer heat. This is also a time to develop special bonding with your kid.
  • Sit and eat together for lunch and dinner. In that way, if you have a fussy kid, he/she will make a mess no doubt but will lean to eat various kinds of food.
  • Music- Kids love music a lot. You can sit and listen to some educational rhymes explaining the meaning. Or sometimes when your kid gets some injury which they are very prone to you can make him, or her listen to the Boo Boo song!

This was all about the weekend plan; maybe you should set some routine for weekdays too.  In that way, you will build a strong bonding with your kid.

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