Spider-Man Confirmed for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Yesterday Marvel and Sony officially announced that they will be working together to bring Spider-Man back to the big screen. It will start with an appearance in a Marvel movie before he gets his own solo film on July 28th, 2017. According to  The Wall Street Journal, it’s comfirmed that Spider-Man will indeed make his first appearance in Civil War, which is what I was really hoping for. The report says:

The two companies said late Monday that Spider-Man will appear in an upcoming Disney-produced Marvel super-heroes movie; that movie is 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

Sony will delay its planned release of The Sinister Six, about a group of Spider-Man villains, in wake of the new deal said a person involved in movie. It had been scheduled for release in November of 2016.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The publication also confirms that Andrew Garfield is out as Spider-Man.

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