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Star Trek Into Darkness

Somehow, some Brazilian website called Judao got to see about 38 minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness, and naturally they posted the details they saw on their site. (Hey, we would have done it too, if we got the chance!)

Now much of those 38 minutes is from the beginning of the film, including what happens immediately after the prologue that screened with The Hobbit back in December, but there was some footage thrown in from later on in the picture too. Now this should go without but there are spoilers ahead, so scroll down at your own risk.










Spoiler ahead!!

Still here…

Okay, you asked for it.

Nibiru mission ends with Kirk rescuing Spock by violating the prime directive by revealing the Enterprise to Nibiru natives so he can beam Spock out of the Volcano

Kirk has a scene in bed (back in San Francisco) in bed with two “cat women”

Kirk makes mention of hoping to get assigned to a “five year mission” (implying that the famed five year mission hasn’t started yet for the time he has been captain)

Kirk is demoted for violating prime directive on Nibiru, loses command of Enterprise with Pike to take over command Kirk as first officer

Pike wanted to send Kirk back to Academy but was convinced (possibly ordered?) to make Kirk first officer of Enterprise by Admiral Marcus (played by Peter Weller)

Spock assigned to another ship

The “father” character uses his Starfleet ring as a bomb (dropping it into water for a reaction) and destroys a facility (in London)

London attack leads to big meeting of Starfleet captains which itself is attacked by John Harrison, resulting in Pike being injured…Harrison transport away

And then later in the film….

Enterprise severely damaged falling to Earth with Spock in command ordering evacuation

Kirk and Scott seen in Engineering trying to stabilize ship

Later Spock scene beaming down to San Francisco and starting long chase with Harrions

Eventually Spock meets up with Harrison and engages in a fight”

It’s somewhat disappointing that the role Peter Weller is playing “Admiral Marcus” (if any of this is true), I’ve kind of always thought that he might play a Klingon considering that we haven’t seen any footage, pictures or content featuring Weller. You might also note that Judao didn’t say that they saw anything with Klingons, who we know already are in the film. It’s also been rumored that the climax of the film takes place on the Klingon homeworld, so does that mean Judao’s writer didn’t see how the film ends?

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