Spooky Style: Halloween Makeup Tutorials to Take Your Costume to the Next Level


Halloween is a time when fantasy and imagination run as wild as little kids on a candy induced sugar high. Deciding what you want to be for Halloween is exciting and fun, but a super cool costume is only the first step in building an impressive overall look.

Bride of Frankenstein

Get the bloody and scarred look of someone who has been cut open and sewn back together by using a modeling compound to make wounds that have a raised and realistic appearance. Start by painting the modeling compound along the scar lines and then covering the scars with foundation to match the skin tone. Then add detail to the scars with red tinted body paint and fake blood. The final step is to glue on small pieces of black twine to mimic stitches using clear latex glue.

Avant Garde Peacock

Bump your Halloween beauty look up to the next level with this fantasy inspired shimmery peacock tutorial. This look uses a variety of eye shadows in iridescent blues, greens, and blacks, white body paint, and glitter. Begin by painting the eyes with dark eye shadows and white accent paint to match the pattern found on a peacock. Then finish the feathered look by bringing it onto the forehead and chest area.

Werewolf Makeup

Take a simple costume of torn clothing and turn it into something truly unique with this werewolf tutorial. Use medium/dark brown, black, and pale cream makeup for this look. You can get everything you’ll need for this look without exceeding your costume budget with Sephora coupons from Discountrue. Start by covering the face in medium brown. At the hair line and brows, add in fur with wispy brush strokes. Finish by adding teeth in white on top of the mouth for a ferocious grimace.

Grimm Reaper

No other makeup look can take a simple black cape and turn it into such a creepy costume. You will need white, and black cream makeup and a powder in dark grey for this look. Begin this look by outlining a map of the skull shape on your face and filling in the white and black areas with cream makeup. You will then need to shade and highlight the skull lines and bones and add teeth on the lips for a more realistic look.

Halloween inspired make-up can take your costume to the next level and turn you from someone in a vampire costume into a stunning creature of the night. It is the cherry on top of a very spooky cupcake and will make your costume one that stands out from the crowd.


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