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The prevalence of the android spy apps has made it convenient to sneak into the mobile phone of someone else without them knowing. There are numerous mobile phone spy apps currently available. The abundance of these apps can make it problematic for a beginner to choose a secure and reliable spy app. To help you pick the best from the bulk, we have reviewed here the top-notch Android spy app TheOneSpy. This is the most user-friendly android cell phone monitoring and tracking software which is fast and simplest one to get your hands on. Impressively, you can use this spying app without rooting your Android phone.

How does the Android Spy App Work?

TheOneSpy android spy app is developed to monitor the Android phones of children, employees, and spouses. The app allows the end-user to remotely monitor the device information and data stored on it. The app accesses the data saved on the target Android phone and automatically upload that data to an online account of spy app. The user of the spy app can log into that account and see the information uploaded there by the spy app. Also, many commands can be generated from the account to get the spy app execute certain functions on the monitored Android phone.

Features of the Android Spy App

There is a broad range of features offered by the android monitoring and tracking app. We have listed down the main features of the cell phone spy app.

Spy on Text and Instant Messages

The spy app allows parents to read the messages of their children without accessing their phones. It shows the inward and outward text messages, instant messages and multimedia messages. Also, it shows complete thread conversations as well as one-on-one and group chat.

Call Recorder

You can listen to all the phone call received and made by your target. The spy app acts as a call recorder and records all the incoming and outgoing phone calls on target Android phone. The recorded phone calls get uploaded to the online account from where you can listen and download them. Also, you can see call logs containing the calls time, calls duration and contact detail of callers and recipients.

Location Tracker

The Android spy app lets you find out the current location of the targeted phone. Also, it shows the location history of the target and allows marking multiple locations to be informed of the visits made to these locations.

Monitor Social Media & IM

The social networking apps including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Tinder can be tracked with the Android spy app. It also spies on the instant messengers including WhatsApp, Line, IMO, Skype, Kik, Telegram, Hike, Viber, and Zalo. You can read the social media conversations and see the posts and friends details of the target without installing a separate app to spy on social media apps.

Track Internet Use

The spy app monitors the internet use of the children and employees. It accesses the web browsing details and shows what websites are being visited on the target phones.

Live Screen Sharing

The screen sharing feature of the spy app lets you record almost everything that appears on the target phone screen. By sending a command from the spy app account, you can see what the target is doing on the cell phone in real-time.

Track Surroundings

The tracking app lets you remotely turn on the target phone camera and microphone to see and listen what is going on in the vicinity of the phone.

Track Emails

The incoming and outgoing emails on the targeted Android device get uploaded to the tracking app control panel from where the employers can read the email content and see the email addresses of the communicating parties.

Access Keystrokes

The spy app gets access to the strokes applied to targeted phone’s on-screen keyboard. It includes the keylogs of username, passwords, email addresses and messages.

Unlock Photo Gallery

You can see the photos, videos and other media files saved on the targeted Android phone directly on the spy app account. Also, you can download these files on your own device.


When compared with many other Android spy apps, TheOneSpy is found to be a feature-rich app. The installation and use of the spy app is trouble-free and user-friendly. Moreover, the app works with complete secrecy and does not leave any clue on the target phone of spying.

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