Square Enix Released The First FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Teaser Trailer After 4 Years


After almost 4 long years since Square Enix announced they are going to remake Final Fantasy VII. In those four years fans have been given nothing in terms of updates.

Well, that changed now when at the end of Sony’s second State of Play, a new teaser trailer for the remake released. It gave fans a look at a minute amount of gameplay. I have to say, the game looks incredibly gorgeous.

This is huge for fans of the franchise who may want to revisit what is apparently the most popular and well-known entry in the Final Fantasy franchise. This is not it, Square Enix has also confirmed the news that it is still planning on releasing Final Fantasy VII Remake in many parts in an effort to allow a suitable release without cutting content.

No release date have released right now, FFVII Remake is only officially announced for PS4. Some fans have hope that it will find its way to PC and Xbox One.

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