Stan Lee And The Science of Superheroes

Stan Lee Charms Us With The Science of Superheroes

Stan Lee And The Science of Superheroes

Willing suspension of disbelief in movies, television, and literature genres ultimately depends on the value of their narratives. Viewers/readers often give up the notion of truth, because their too engaged to care otherwise. In the realm of comic books, where the laws of physics are broken every time a page is turned, some pills are harder to swallow than others.

In the case of Marvel vs. DC, the question arises: “Is there one publisher that makes the implausibility of fictional sciences and fantastical things seem more acceptable than the other?” If you we’re ever undecided, or simply never cared to consider it, the all-father of comics Stan “The Man” Lee is here to tell you what makes MARVEL the superior sellers of the supernatural.

Appearing in a new three-part PBS documentary Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle, which will premiere next Tuesday, the foremost co-creator in legendary comic book heroes and villains discusses the fictional science behind some of Marvels most beloved characters. Although he describes himself as “the least scientific person you’ll ever know,” he compares Thor to Superman. In particular, their power of flight, and respectively, how one hero’s method of propulsion is more rational than the other.

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