Star Wars Battlefront II: Is It Better Than The First?

Star Wars Battlefront II

The Star Wars franchise has had a great impact on many of our lives over the years and with the new trilogy of films has come a new wave of games on all of our favorite consoles. However, with the failed attempt of Star Wars battlefront in 2015, is the 2017 release of Battle Front II any better?


The Disappointment Of The Original Title

When looking back at the 2015 release of Star Wars Battlefront many gamers around the world will remember the hype of this brand-new title. What they will also remember however is the complete disappointment of the game’s release. With a poor solo campaign and game modes that were just not enjoyable, there was no law to cater to fans of the franchise and no game modes that were interesting enough to entice people in. Though it was a hit for some, there were many that thought the title lacked luster.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

The Release Of Battlefront II

Following the disappointing start from the first game in the franchise, however, the 2017 release of Battlefront II was tailored more towards the fans. This game took the lore that you know and love from the films and put you right in the middle of the action. With changes to the campaign as well as the available game modes, this game proved much more popular than the previous release.


The Loot Box Controversy

EA as a company is no stranger to using loot boxes and in-game purchases as the main driving force for their games. With FIFA, Sims, and a number of their other popular titles all requiring some form of in-game purchase to better your overall experience, many were frustrated with their inclusion in Battle Front II. This was in part down to main gameplay modes being hidden within these loot boxes limiting what the player could achieve without investing in in-game purchases. This infuriated several fans as in-game purchases provided access to characters that would otherwise take hours of gameplay to unlock and removed the fun of the core of the game. This “play to win” form of gaming is often compared to Star Wars slots and online gambling by many as it encourages people to spend real money to succeed in-game.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

The Story-Driven Solo Campaign

Despite the controversy with loot boxes, it is important to note that there are several positive changes to the title. One of the most noticeable being the solo campaign. This is packed full of Star Wars law and throws you right into the action. With huge maps for an experience like that of the big screen, you are in the center of the action as you work to defeat the empire.


Lore Driven Battles And Matches

In addition, there have also been many changes to multiplayer matches and battles within several of the game modes to make it more enjoyable when playing this game with friends. You can battle in several new game modes as well as some from other popular titles and work together to come out on top. This is a huge improvement from what we have had in the past and has seen a huge amount of improvement as fans continue to enjoy the best of what this game can offer.

Since the removal of loot crates in-game many Star Wars fans have seen this game as a resounding success when compared to the release of the first title. This has, therefore, meant that sales and the number of players playing regularly have also increased, making this one of the most popular Star Wars games to date.

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