Star Wars Flat Character Icons

Star Wars Flat Character Icons

Artist Filipe Carvalho has taken Star Wars characters and created flat, clean icons.

Carvalho on his work:

Obviously, I’m a Star Wars fan, so I wanted to pay a tribute to something I really love. Being a copywriter, the Star Wars’ universe that I was introduced to in my childhood has inspired me to create great and passionate stories that have the potential to capture the public’s eye and heart.

But, it’s one thing to have the Star Wars saga as an inspiration and another to create a visual based on the story.

Flat Design, with it’s simple visual approach, enabled the non-professional-art-director-me to produce some illustration work, so, this was my chance to give something back to the saga. I looked up online and apparently there isn’t any set of flat design/long shadow design Star Wars Icons.

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