Star Wars Goodies Of The Month


Light up the Dark Side of your room with these super geeky Star Wars 3D Deco Lights. How cool will it be to see Darth Vader lit up in your room and in a way that will look as if he’s coming out from the wall. Since these lights are battery powered LEDs, you won’t feel them hot to the touch.


Handbags designed exclusively for Star Wars geeks. You can have these Star Wars Bowling Bag Style Purses as an amazing addition to your collection. It’s spacious enough to hold all your daily necessities which could even include a lightsaber, blaster or whatever you have from the Galactic Empire.


A clear acrylic 6 mm thick glass design for Star Wars addicts. This creative Darth Vader LED Light Table Lamp has been designed after undergoing an engraved machining process followed by hand sanding.


Turn your holiday party into a Star Wars celebration at once. With the Star Wars Cookie Cutters, you’ll be able to bring Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Yoda, C-3PO and a Stormtrooper to life every time you set forth on a cookie baking session. Simply cut the dough using one side of the cutter and then flip it over so that the design is impressed on the dough.


For those who go wrong with their baking timings. When the Star Wars R2D2 Kitchen Timer will be on your kitchen top, you won’t be worrying about overcooking or undercooking your dishes anymore.


Give your salt and pepper shakers a sci-fi makeover. The Star Wars Salt & Pepper Shakers is here to make those boring dining table requirements look more dramatic and fun. They have been shaped like the busts of Darth Vader (pepper) and a Stormtrooper (salt) which can truly make those everyday salt and pepper containers look far from being boring.


We believe that a true Jedi should make their ice pops themselves. So here’s the Star Wars Glowing Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker which includes four saber hilts, out of which two are Luke and two Vader.


Your cutting board is now inspired from the fastest ship in the galaxy. Try adding the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Chopping Board to your everyday kitchen life and chop your veggies with style.


Featuring a set of 4 measuring cups plus 4 measuring spoons in the shape of R2-D2. The Exclusive Star Wars R2-Q5 Measuring Cup Set is designed to be of help whenever you’re preparing those Dark Side cookies.


Every grill master can now turn into a Sith master at once. With the Darth Vader Kitchen Apron, you can add some fun to your cooking hours by underestimating the power of the Dark side (Ha!).

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