Star Wars Lightsaber Flashlights

Everyone needs flashlights so why not make it a lightsaber that makes lightsaber sound effects when you turn it on and off?! Every Star Wars fan should own one of these! As you can see they’re pretty awesome. They only cost $10 to $13 over at Kids. Woot, so they aren’t even that expensive. They’d also make a great last-minute gift for the holiday season!


Recommended Ages: 3+ Years

Light up the dark with the Force!

Explore dimly lit spaces or recreate your favorite battle scenes with your very own life-size lightsaber replica flashlight

Operates with authentic start-up, hum and shut down sound effects, along with a matching crystal color for the light beam(s)

Super bright L.E.D. light sources – Blue L.E.D.s simulate Anakin’s plasma blade, while Green L.E.D.s simulate Yoda’s plasma blade

Red L.E.D. Light beams extend from both ends of Darth Maul’s plasma blade

Require 3 “AAA” batteries

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