Star Wars Lightsaber Wall Hooks For Your Costumes

Star Wars Lightsaber

The Star Wars Lightsaber Wall Hooks by ThinkGeek featuring Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader style hilts that are both designed to hang your cosplays on.

The galaxy has been largely safe from attack. Oh, and last we checked, the armed services weren’t accepting recruits trained solely in lightsaber usage. Yeah, we checked.

So what to do with that dusty old lightsaber? Why not turn it into a useful tool for your home? You’re always looking for someplace to hang your robes, right? Now hang them in style on these Star Wars Lightsaber Wall Hooks. The set includes the hilts of Luke and Vader’s lightsabers which mount on an angled bracket that makes it look as if they’ve been driven into the wall. To reinforce the illusion, each comes with an 11″ tall sticker that makes your wall look like it has a burning gash in it.

Star Wars Lightsaber  Star Wars Lightsaber

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