STAR WARS: THE ACOLYTE Dafne Keen Character Is Described as a “Bi-Species” Young Jedi


Exciting new details have surfaced regarding Lucasfilm’s highly anticipated Star Wars series, The Acolyte, helmed by the multi-talented director, writer, executive producer, and showrunner, Leslye Headland.

Set in the esteemed High Republic era, The Acolyte promises to transport viewers into a realm of enigmatic secrets and burgeoning dark-side powers during the final days of this illustrious epoch. The narrative revolves around a former Padawan who reunites with her Jedi Master to embark on a quest to unravel a series of perplexing crimes. However, the forces they encounter prove to be far more sinister than their wildest imaginations could fathom. This tale takes place a century prior to the events depicted in the prequel trilogy, aptly immersing audiences in what is widely regarded as the Golden Age of the Jedi, an era when this ancient order was at the zenith of its influence.

Adding to the intrigue, it has been revealed that the talented Dafne Keen, known for her remarkable performances in His Dark Materials and Logan, will play a significant role in The Acolyte. In a recent interview with Empire, it was disclosed that Keen’s character is a “bi-species” young Jedi, specifically a captivating human-alien hybrid. This revelation showcases the vastness and diversity of the Star Wars universe, where beings of different species come together and even have children. Notably, Star Wars: Rebels previously introduced Jacen Syndulla, a hybrid-species character and the offspring of Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla.

Keen herself described the forthcoming Star Wars series as a fusion of “David Bowie meets Star Wars,” hinting at a unique blend of styles and influences. Speaking about her character’s appearance, she playfully shared, “I have a little mullet, I have horns, it’s cute.” Headland, known for her artistic sensibilities, added that being a queer filmmaker, she would infuse the series with a certain campiness. She stated, “Inevitably, you’re gonna see some camp. But I would say that tonally, our references are darker.”

The Acolyte has been likened to a captivating blend of “Frozen meets Kill Bill,” hinting at a mesmerizing concoction of elements that fans can eagerly anticipate. With such intriguing comparisons and revelations, there is much anticipation surrounding this project. While there is still plenty yet to be unveiled, fans hope that the series will live up to their lofty expectations and deliver a thrilling and immersive Star Wars experience.

In addition to the stellar talents of Dafne Keen, the series boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including Amandla Stenberg (The Hate U Give), Lee Jung-jae (Squid Game), Manny Jacinto (The Good Place), Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix), Charlie Barnett (Russian Doll), Rebecca Henderson (Inventing Anna), Dean-Charles Chapman (1917), and Jodie Turner-Smith (Queen & Slim). Fans will also be delighted to see the inclusion of the beloved character Vernestra Rwoh, portrayed by Rebecca Henderson, a Mirialan Jedi Knight who has captured the hearts of readers and comic book aficionados through her appearances in various Star Wars literary works.

The Acolyte is undoubtedly shrouded in mystery, but with each new detail that emerges, the excitement only intensifies. As fans eagerly await its release, hopes remain high that this ambitious Star Wars series will deliver a compelling and enthralling narrative set within the rich tapestry of the High Republic era.

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