STAR WARS Toys Coming Out This Year

STAR WARS Toys Coming Out This Year

Merchandise is important for any movie franchise, It is very important source of revenue that comes after the release of the movie, I always think creators create the characters depending on their merchandising value because the amount they charge for those characters figures is pretty steep. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is being released on December 18th, 2015, and you can imagine the whole new wave of collectibles are coming in your way, Like an avalanche.

All cast members from six Star Wars movies

According to a report at Jedi News, there will be a variety of toys being released this year before the movie is released. They will start out with releasing a new set of commemorative figure packs that will pay tribute to the first six films of the franchise. Apparently they’ll tie in with the digital releases of the films that are supposed to come later this year. Fans are hoping to see the original cuts of the first trilogy included in that digital release, but there has been no confirmation that will happen. All we can do is keep that hope alive.

They go on to reveal that the figures for The Force Awakens will hit the streets on September 4th, 2015.

The text in the first image states ‘LEFT SIDE PANELS CREATE A COMPLETE COLLAGE WHEN LINED UP.  WE WILL COMISSION  A NEW ILLUSTRATION THAT FEATURES THE CHARACTERS INCLUDED IN THE ASSORTMENT AND FITS THE SPACE PRECISELY ‘.  It looks as though all the figures will be from Saga Legends, which feature five points of articulation and have all been released before.  It should be noted that no female figures are represented.

LEGO news is also provided that reveals at least five sets being released in June: –

75091 Classic Flash Speeder £34.99

75092 Naboo Starfighter £54.99

75093 Death Star Final Duel £69.99

75094 Imperial Shuttle Tydirium £79.99

75106 Imperial Assault Carrier £99.99

…and another 13 sets coming later in the year…

75099 Episode VII £19.99

75100 Episode VII £39.99

75101 Episode VII £59.99

75102 Episode VII £69.99

75103 Episode VII £79.99

75104 Episode VII £99.99

75105 Episode VII £129.99

75107 £14.99

75108 £14.99

75109 £19.99

75110 £19.99

75111 £24.99

75112 £29.99

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