Star Wars VII Back To Basics

It Looks Like Disney Is Going Back to Basics with Star Wars VII


Worried that Star Wars VII might rely a bit too much on CGI (hence the Jar Jar Binks pic above) on? Well, the boss over at Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, said that the production team is looking to go more New Hope-style this time around–they’re going to focus more on real locations and real people, and less on over-the-top special effects.

Kennedy had a few things to say to fans attending a Star Wars Celebration in Germany about this matter:

“The conversation we’re having all the time now about Episode VII is how much CGI. We’re looking at what the early Star Wars films did; they used real locations with special effects. So [for Episode VII] we’re going to find some very cool locations, [and] we’re going to end up using every single tool in the toolbox.”

She went on to note that some of the tools that Star Wars cosplayers use will probably end being used for the film:

[box] “I was amazed yesterday, looking at what the fans are doing. Using model makers, using real droids, taking advantage of the artwork that you can touch and feel—we want to do that in combination with CG effects.”[/box]

[box] “We have an amazing team at ILM,” Kennedy added, “who can create fantastic effects, but if we don’t have a great story and characters, the effects mean nothing.”[/box]

Looks like there’s some new hope (sorry) for the new Star Wars flick!

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