Starcon 2016 Best Cosplays From Mother Russia

Starcon 2016

Beatdown Boogie has released two videos featuring some of the best cosplayers and cosplays Russia has to offer and it is Starcon 2016. It takes place in St Petersburg, and this is a description from Beatdown Boogie:

Fans not only dress in cosplay but build backdrops and sets based on their favorite franchises. There are various physical games and stunts going on throughout the convention, including laser tag, a ropes course, and VR games. Skaters and bmx bikers were jumping over cosplayers. A pole-dance competition resulted in a PS4 prize. Attendees were shooting arrows at a volunteer batman. There was a cosplay fitness competition where cosplayers showed of their costumes and muscles. And there were 3 cosmonauts in attendance. Starcon was pretty crazy and pretty cool.

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