STARFIELD Story, Gameplay, And More Revealed


Starfield gameplay is officially released. Unveiled 15 minutes during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase this past weekend, Bethesda’s Todd Howard presented us with many exciting details on what we can expect when Starfield releases next year.

Beginning with a spaceship landing, the gameplay shows a huge number of systems that players will interact with when they get into the incredible world of Starfield. Combat and exploration on foot were exciting to finally see, and jetpacking around combat brings a whole new dimension to the battle. The facial animations revealed look superb and it seems the amount of story to interact with is huge, based on the conversations seen and the reveal that there are over 1000 explorable planets present in the game. With that, it was also revealed that players could pick a landing zone on any part of the planet, for every one of those 1000 planets. Points of attraction will have missions or things to do, and it will be fascinating to see how actively complete these planets are. Space can be very empty, and making sure it is exciting and dynamic is a hard balance to find.


The advanced RPG and character design systems allow players to create a main character that is amazing and advances the story in their own way. With a width of options available, replayability should be very high but that stays to be seen.


However, The best news is ship customization, piloting, and outpost creation. Being able to modularly craft the perfect ship and bases while crewing them with characters you meet is so compelling, and seeing the dogfighting in space seems to be an intense change of pace from previous Bethesda games.

Check out the full Starfield showcase below. Starfield releases to PC and Xbox in 2023.

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