Where Is Starman? This Site Will Tell You Where the SpaceX Roadster Is at Any Given Time


During the celebrated and most historic launch of the Space X Falcon Heavy rocket, a Tesla Roadster was launched into the atmosphere to orbit the sun forever. With this in mind, Ben Pearson, founder of Old Ham Media, was encouraged to create “Where is Starman“, a captivating site that plots exactly where the Roadster and its driver are at any time of the day.

came to realize that people really were interested in the tracking of these objects. I started thinking about how I could manage to get this information, and then I came to realize that I could provide the tracking for it myself! I quickly registered this domain name, and started to think about how I could get the information so I could pass it on to you.

Pearson is working on an animated simulation of this plan. This is what he made so far.

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