Starry Night Painting By Alex Ruiz

Starry Night Painting By Alex Ruiz (1)

This is a digital painting by artist Alex Ruiz imagining one of the nights Vincent Van Gogh worked on his iconic The Starry Night. Clearly, Alex has the skills to pay the bills and won’t be cutting an ear off anytime soon.

This is an homage to him, and to his painting, one of my all time favorites. We see him standing here, looking up at the night sky…probably in awe, as he wondered how he would capture the beauty he saw. As well, this was the view from the sanitarium he was staying at, as it’s well known that the poor guy was quite mentally troubled.

Did anybody else not realize the towering black figure on the left of the original painting was actually a tree? I always thought it was the black smoke from Lost. Or an evil wizard’s castle. Or,… and I hate to get too Da Vinci Code on you this early on a Monday — a painting of a naked lady he covered up because he couldn’t get the boobs right.

And here is the original, you know, just to compare them better!

Starry Night Painting By Alex Ruiz (2)


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