Steam Machine Prices Unveiled


New hardware included the new Steam VR Headset and Valve Steam Link hardware which has been developed to allow gamers to stream PC titles through their home network to large screen TVs.

Valve also announced more details about its up-and-coming Steam Machines prices that have now been confirmed to be launching later this year during November 2015.

Following on from the announcement of the availability of the new Steam Machines, details on pricing structures have also been announced this week Valve and are listed below. With prices ranging from an affordable $460 up to a massive $5,000 price tag.

▪ iBuyPower SBX $459.99
▪ Alienware Steam Machine $479.99
▪ Syber Steam Machine $499.99 – $1399.99
▪ Gigabyte BRIX Pro $599.99
▪ Asus ROG GR8S $699.99
▪ Digital Storm Eclipse Steam Machine $699.99
▪ Maingear DRIFT $849.99
▪ Steam Machine $899.99
▪ NextBox $799.99 – $1299.99
▪ Webhallen S15-01 $949.99
▪ ZOTAC Steam Machine SN970 $999.99
▪ Scan 3XS ST Steam Machine $999.99 – $1299.99
▪ Alternate Steam Machine $1099.99 – $1999.99
▪ ORIGIN OMEGA Steam Machine $899.99 – $4999.99
▪ Falcon Northwest Tiki Steam Machine $1999.99 – $4999.99

For more details on all the new Valve Steam Machines jump over to the official Valve Online store for full specifications and details.

Source: Valve

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