Steaming City Time Lapse

steaming city timelapse
Steaming City Timelapse By Simon Christen

I decided to do another time-lapse of the city from Yerba Buena Island. Last Tuesday a storm was passing over the city and I thought this might be the perfect setting. San Francisco, CA, shot from Yerba Buena Island over the course of 4 hours; picture every 7-15sec.

I found a great vantage point right above a cliff in an opening in vegetation after pushing through some trees and underbrush. Since it was a rainy day I brought all my rain gear with me. My rain pants and jacket kept me dry while the camera was wrapped in a transparent vegetable plastic bag from Berkeley Bowl… All in all, it was a pretty wet experience…

As the sunset, I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping for some more color in the clouds..I was just about to pack up as the city lights slowly became strong enough to illuminate the clouds. I decided to wait a little longer and see what was going to happen. Slowly the clouds started glowing and it almost looked like the city was ablaze. I am no arsonist but the bright orange against the dark blue sky looked beautiful. It got darker and the glowing city with the moving clouds gave the impression of a steaming city. Then the fog started to roll in and the view across the bay got a little blurry. The mist started to form droplets on the lens and kept me busy cleaning it after every shot. I did this for a while but then grew tired of it and it also got cold… So I packed up and headed home.

I am really glad I decided to stay longer. I think nightfall saved this timelapse…

I hope you enjoy watching it and please let me know what you think.

A Time Lapse Collection from Simon Christen on Vimeo.

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