Steampunk Lego Millenium Falcon is a Work Of Art


LEGO website FBTB runs a contest called Steam Wars Returns. Many people entered into the contest with their creations but the one who won is something spectacular. Categories included starfighters, speeders, walkers, enemy starfighters, and a wild card. Builders were eliminated from each round.

LEGO builder markus1984 took first place with this stunning Millennium Falcon — It is one fine piece of Lego and show how versatile Lego is.

That color palette makes it look like it belongs in a Victorian steampunk. Markus1984 built the ship over six days in about 50 hours. The coolest part about the design is that it looks as though the top flips up to reveal a deck with a pirate ship vibe. It’s covered in details including barrels, a table and chair with food, water, and plenty of propellers. See more of this work of art and a steampunk TIE bomber in the gallery below.


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