Step By Step Guide On How To Use Vaporizers For Dry Herbs

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You’ve done your research and have read that leisure and/or medical use of marijuana can be beneficial, through controlled quantities. Now, you’re wanting to learn about the “how” of vaping. Use this vaporizer to get the best out of cannabis and learn how to operate it with this step by step guide below. 


Vaporizer Use: Beginner’s Guide


  1. The Warm-Up 

Much like switching the ignition of a car on so that its engine is left running for a few minutes for a “warm-up”, the same concept goes with cannabis vaporizers. Although there’s no danger in using it immediately after you hit the power button to click it on, there’s an advantage to waiting for a short while and letting the device warm up. 

According to studies, vaporizers need an average of about a minute or two for this “warm-up”. You can start counting the moment you press the said power button. 

This is because promptly setting the vaporizer temperature on a high level for immediate usage may affect the flavor of the cannabis itself. It will NOT combust (vaporizers do not have a combustion phase). However, without the warm-up, airflow could get in the way and reduce the “purity” of marijuana’s fragrance. So, just wait for 120 seconds tops.


  1. Load Up The Vape Chamber 

Yes, loading the chamber is best done after warming up the device. Once the two-minute count is over, it’s time to pour the dry herbs in. But remember that they are to be finely ground before being placed in the heating chamber. 

If you have a marijuana grinder, utilize that as using your hands may impact the potency of the herb. Weed-grinding helps in allowing them to be more easily burned while you smoke them. Understand it as a process of quickening your inhalation of the vapor and at the same time, not unnecessarily over-working the vaporizer itself as it heats up the weed. 


  1. Temperature Setting And Adjustment

There are vaporizers that offer options such as “low”, “medium”, and “high”. Others have toggles for you to set the exact heating temperature you prefer. It has been recorded that the average temperature users tend to choose is from 360 to 380 degrees-Fahrenheit. 

This device range affects the “strength” of how much you will inhale, for either a more intense effect or one that’s mild. The lower the temperature, the lower the heating capacity, and thus, the milder the aftermath. Vice versa for when you raise the vape’s temperature. 


  1. Inhaling The Vapour 

It’s time to inhale the weed vapor and indulge in its fragrance and uplifting effect. Before you get too excited, one should know how to inhale the vapor. Otherwise, it could instantly and all-too-quickly reach your lungs and cause you to cough uncontrollably (for about 10 seconds or so). 

We’re not trying to scare you. We promise. Vaping is an uncomplicated to-do. That said, taking a “drag” or inhaling/sucking the vapor from the device should be closely resemblant to the way one sips coffee through a coffee straw. 

It is careful yet not staggered. Once you’ve inhaled it (do not inhale as though you’re preparing for a dive into a pool!). A regular breathe-in is enough. Then leave as is (keep your mouth closed) for about 2 seconds. Next, slightly open your mouth and “further” inhale the vapor so that it reaches your lungs. Finally, exhale. 

Right now, the description above probably looks as if one needs to have strong lungs and should be capable of drawing deep breaths. But this isn’t the case. Think of the inhaling technique as something similar to sighing deeply. Simple like that.  

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