Stephen Colbert Explains How White House Keeps Donald Trump Happy

Stephen Colbert

Late Show” host Stephen Colbert amusingly described how White House staffers keeping President Donald Trump’s spirits up, it involves the repeated screening of Disney’s “Frozen.”

Referencing reports that aides are distracting Trump with positive media coverage in a bid to quell his Twitter rants, Colbert joked they were treating the president like “a 5-year-old throwing a tantrum.”

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“‘Honey, calm down. Look, look, we’ve got ‘Frozen’.’” he quipped. “’We’ve got the CD for ‘Frozen.’ Let’s put that in there. Now please, let it go!’”

If positive coverage was what it took to “calm down the big fierce man with the launch codes,” however, then Colbert agreed with the method. He even mocked up a fake news part to keep the commander in chief happy.

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