Stephen Colbert Jokes About SpaceX Broken Toilet

Stephen Colbert

There are many reasons why one wants to go to space, but here’s a new and horrifying one: Pee in the spaceship walls.

Two SpaceX capsules have now exhibited plumbing problems, with the newest issue seeing Endeavour’s busted toilet leak urine into the walls like a gross horror movie. Sadly, there are no plumbers in space, meaning the astronauts have to hold their bladders until they damage something or just relieve themselves in giant space diapers — thoughtfully rebranded by NASA as “undergarments.”

“Be careful which undergarments you choose, ’cause it is very hard to poop in a bra,” joked Late Show host Stephen Colbert. “You do get two shots — and then you can fire it out the window.”

“They better hurry up and fix that space toilet,” quipped Colbert.


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