Stephen Colbert Takes Trump’s Challenge To ‘Say It To My Face’

Stephen Colbert

President Donald Trump recently reveals frustration about media outlets that quote unnamed sources in contradictory stories about his job performance. During his Feb. 24 speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump challenge these negative sources — if they’d like to say “Donald Trump is a horrible, horrible human being” — to “say it to my face.”

Well, Stephen Colbert is glad to take on that challenge.

“Sir …” he said after the clip played, to applause from the crowd. “It would be my honor to say it to your face.” He beckoned the camera close, smashing his face against the glass to make sure his message was crystal clear.

After spending part of this monologue responding to the borderline unbelievable ending to the Oscars on Sunday ― where “La La Land” erroneously won Best Picture until it was announced that “Moonlight” was the true winner ― Colbert passing to Trump.

“Speaking of heartbreaking mistakes,” Colbert said, followed by a slight pause. “Donald Trump … “ he continued, to the crowd’s applause.

Colbert followed up his “heartbreaking” observation with a more poignant response to Trump.

“It’s just that you didn’t know,” Colbert said, “That’s like if I performed open-heart surgery tomorrow and said, ‘Wow, none said it’d be so wet in here.’”

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