Steven Spielberg’s Live-Action HALO Series is Still In Development


Steven Spielberg‘s live-action Halo series is still in active development and they are making good fast progress with this series! The project was initially announced five years ago and since then there are not many updates about the project.

The series was originally set up to be an Xbox Entertainment Studios original series but when that plan fell through, it was set up at Showtime. It was supposed to be released in 2015, but sadly nothing happened.

If you think the project is dead, but nope! It’s not! During a recent interview with TV Guide, Showtime President and CEO David Nevins said it is “still in very active development.”

Gary Levine, President of Programming at Showtime also confirmed that the series is “absolutely still in development, still moving forward and I’m encouraged by what we’ve seen so far.”

There were no details given on when we might see the series premiere, but Levin teased, “It’s still live action, and it will definitely satisfy the fans of Halo and I think also satisfy the drama audiences of Showtime.”

When previously talking about the series, Bonnie Ross, G.M. of 343 Industries, said the show “will stand alone, as well as complement and enrich the game experience.” There aren’t any other details that have been released on the show.

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