Stop-Motion Parody of FROZEN and John Carpenter’s THE THING

Stop-Motion Parody of FROZEN and John Carpenter's THE THING

Watch this brilliant parody and mashup video of some brilliant movies.

Frozen has become such a huge phenomenon and kids have latched onto it more than anything in recent memory, which likely caused many parents to grow to hate the movie because they’ve now seen it in the proximity of a billion times. So what’s the solution for adults? Well, you can get a little bit of much-needed catharsis watching stop-motion versions of Elsa, Olaf, and the rest of the gang get melted, blasted, and blown to bits in a recreation of a famous scene from John Carpenter’s classic film. It’s not exact – the stop-motion version is actually bloodier than the original, which I’ve also embedded below – but it’s pretty damn close, and fun to watch in sort of a perverse way. Well done, Mr. Hardcastle.

Via: Neatorama

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