Storage Unit in TV Shows

Storage Unit in TV Shows

Storage units are already known to be a convenient and popular way to store belongings when in need of space. This handy service for businesses and individuals also has become one of the most fun and interesting plot devices seen on television. Characters in these examples have found new and creative uses for using their storage units.


In Elementary, a modern series based on the character Sherlock Holmes, Joan Watson follows a murder suspect to his storage unit, convinced the man was using it to hide the body of the woman he killed. Unfortunately for Joan, the man’s usage of the storage facility was innocent, and her attempts at a stakeout ended with Sherlock Holmes posting bail upon her arrest.

“Person of Interest”

In Person of Interest, a crime drama about a former CIA officer who was hired to prevent violent crimes in NYC, one clever character went beyond an ordinary purpose of storing some computer equipment in his storage space. This character, a talented hacker, wrote a secret code in invisible ink on the walls of the unit, requiring a black light and secret decryption key to decipher it.


NCIS is a police drama involving characters investigating the US Navy and Marine Corp. It is not uncommon for servicemen to need a storage solution when they’re about to deploy for a length of time. “NCIS” used this practical premise in two separate episodes. In one, corrupt contractors kept stolen art hidden in a storage facility. In another episode, a missing sailor’s body was found after having been hidden in his own storage unit.

“White Collar”

In one memorable episode of White Collar, a series involving relationships between a con-man and special agent, the character Mozzie buys the contents of an abandoned unit, after which the contents take him on a bizarre treasure hunt that has ties to the American Revolution.


In this horror drama, the family business is hunting monsters, naturally resulting in the family patriarch’s storage unit containing family mementos, a supernatural weapons cache and magically cursed objects.


While occasional tenants might store hunting and fishing gear, an episode of this cable network drama featured a former prisoner of war using a storage unit to keep a sniper rifle.

“According to Jim”

In addition to crime drama, storage units have also entered the plots of comedies. In one episode of According to Jim, Cheryl asks Jim to store the children’s art projects in a storage unit. When he only pretends to comply with her wishes, discarding the art instead, he finds himself in a bind.

“Yes, Dear”

In this comedy series, Jimmy and Greg rent a storage unit to hide their old belongings, rather than donate the items when the wives ask. The men turn their storage locker into a secret hideout, visiting often to play with the toys they could not bear to lose.

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