Storm Chasers Pays Tribute To Bill Paxton

Bill Paxton

In 1996, the storm chaser movie Twister was a mega-hit and it was considered revolutionary in terms of animation. It ended up being the second-highest grossing film of the year and Independence Day was on number one for very obvious reasons, Twister introduced a complete generation to the serious profession of storm chasers. Bill Paxton starred in the movie, and in honor of his tragic death, storm chasers in Kansas and Oklahoma gave the actor a moving and imaginative tribute: using Spotter Network markers, they combined plotted GPS coordinates to spell out Paxton’s initials across three states.

He was in some amazing and memorable movies and did some amazing roles, check out some of his credits The Terminator. Weird Science. Aliens. Near Dark. Tombstone. True Lies. Apollo 13. Titanic. A Simple Plan. Frailty. Edge of Tomorrow. Nightcrawler.

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