STRANGER THINGS 4 Fans Make Star Joseph Quinn Break Down in Tears

STRANGER THINGS 4 Fans Make Star Joseph Quinn Break Down in Tears

Stranger Things 4 star Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie Munson in the series, appeared at London Film and Comic Con. During a panel, the actor broke down in tears after a fan stood up to speak on behalf of all fans thanking him for spending time with them.

The gratitude touched the actor, and he didn’t hold back his emotions. You see, there were reports on social media during the event that security was giving Quinn a hard time for talking with fans for too long while meeting them and signing memorabilia. Quinn was apparently chatting it up with his fans longer than security would have liked.

One fan shared, “The way Joseph Quinn was treated at LFCC is fucking disgusting. Staff fully yelled at him to shut the fuck up and to just sign and not to interact with fans [because] they oversold and couldn’t get all people seen.”

The next day during a panel with Quinn, a fan stood up and said:

“Mine’s not really a question, it’s just more an extension of gratitude. A lot of us have heard of what happened yesterday, whether it’s true or not, about how you were treated. I really want to say, we’re really grateful that you’re sharing your time. Thank you for signing our things, for spending time with us and making our summer.”

“I think we’ve all connected to Eddie for one reason or another. Whether we like his taste in music, or that he’s the outsider. I think all of us are a part of Eddie. We’ve travelled far because we really connected with you as well and you made our weekend.”

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