STRANGER THINGS Demogorgon Collectible From Sideshow Unboxing Video


Sideshow has revealed a first look video at their newly released Stranger Things collectible figure, the Demogorgon. This fearsome creature from the upside-down hunted our main characters in season one and was only sent by a super-strong psychic attack from Eleven.

This figure features two sets of hands, a closed and an open head, and 24 points of articulation for all your horror posing needs. The ⅙ scale figure comes in 16 inches tall and is wrapped in a soft, PVC outer “skin”. This thing looks scary with the creators making the thing have a shiny wet look, especially the inside of the mouth giving the appearance it has just found another prey.

This is Sideshow though, and with their level of quality comes the price tag of $249. You can find it on Sideshow’s website and check out that first look video below.

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