STRANGER THINGS New Collectibles Are Available From Walmart

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is coming back to Netflix this month, and if you need some fun collectibles, Walmart has you covered. In addition to all the Stranger Things collectibles already available, fans of the show can now find the following:

Stranger Things Lite-Brite with Special Edition Hawkins High Designs ($24.96) – Walmart Exclusive

Stranger Things Collectors Box Bundle ($54.96) – Walmart Exclusive

Energizer Stranger Things Demogorgon Hunting LED Flashlight ($19.97) – Walmart Exclusive

Funko Pop! TV: Stranger Things – Lucas Sinclair Vinyl Figure ($24.89) – Walmart Exclusive

Funko POP! Mystery Mini: Stranger Things- 12pc PDQ ($65.28) – Preorder

Funko POP! TV: Stranger Things- Steve Harrington ($19.76) – Preorder

Funko POP! TV: Stranger Things- Dustin Henderson ($19.76) – Preorder

Funko POP! TV: Stranger Things- Mike Wheeler ($19.75) – Preorder

Stranger Things Season 4 – CD ($11.50) – Preorder

Stranger Things Nestable Nesting Dolls Collectible Figures ($24.96)

Stranger Things Eleven – Hawkins Figure ($29.96)

Stranger Things Hopper – Hawkins Figure ($29.96)

Stranger Things Eddie – Hawkins Figure ($29.96)

Stranger Things Dart the Demo Dog ($17.96)

Of all the things here, I think the lite brite looks the coolest. It comes with 12 different designs that all look great. The Demo Dog looks fantastically disturbing to me, it kind of looks like an old, discolored dinosaur toy that they just tossed a demogorgon head onto. Really wish they had committed to having the face open or closed because the half open is really strange. Everything else looks great though and fun little collectibles for those of us without hundreds of dollars to burn. You can check out the whole collection of Stranger Things goods at Walmart’s Netflix Hub.

Stranger Things

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