Stranger Things Steal Its Theme Song?

Stranger Things

Stranger Things, Netflix’s trendsetter show which was set in the 1980s, was the blockbuster hit show and we all are waiting for the season 2. Viewers fell in love with the story it weaved together from references to classic Spielberg, Stephen King, and other childhood hallmarks of the Reagan decade. It was the most appreciated period genre fiction. Film Critic Hulk recently tweeted about how the beloved smooth and spooky synth tones of the Stranger Things theme song sound suspiciously familiar to the synth tones Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Cliff Martinez synth tones. Is it a ripped score? did Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein rip off this track “Wanna Fight” from 2013’s Only God Forgives? Listen for yourself below.

This wasn’t the first time the Stranger Things theme composers have been accused of ripping the score. When show aired last year, internet audio sleuths found similarities between its theme and an early potential Daft Punk track from the movie that would become Tron Legacy.

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