How Strategy Games Can Improve Your Relationship With The Boss


Ever had that moment when you’ve got no work to do but still have several hours till your working day ends? And probably you tried to kill time and innocently played some computer games, just to kill time?

Sure, this may seem harmless to you, but it is often frowned upon. Not to mention that your boss will probably have a talk with you if they find out.

Nevertheless, things have somewhat changed for the past few years and playing games at the workplace has been proven to be the trigger of productivity. So when you have the next staff meeting with your boss, suggest making your workplace more fun.

Besides, it will positively transform your relationship with the boss and create a stronger team.

If you need something to prove your point, here are some advantages of playing strategy games.

Autonomous decisions

While many consider playing any video games a sort of procrastination, it can actually help you get a boost of motivation to make decisions on your own.

In his interview on playing video games at work, Chris Ferguson, a psychology professor at Stetson University in Deland says that while playing video games, especially strategy games, we gain the whole autonomy over decision-making.

This will further motivate you to get down to work without a fear to take your own decisions. It will definitely help you think faster and better in a stressful environment.

It’s all about chemistry

Gaming will make you more energized. How’s this going to work? Ok, if you need a little bit of science, a recent study has proven that when we’re experiencing victory while playing video games, a considerable amount of testosterone is released by the adrenal glands in the brain. This positively affects our energy, self-esteem, and mood in general.

Reduce stress 

This one might seem the most obvious for you, but not for your boss. Remind your boss that spending 6 hours per day in front of the computer is very stressful.

And if your boss doesn’t believe you, here’s some more science to help you prove your point. Oxford University researchers have found that playing a strategic game, even the simplest one, like Tetris, helps to relax and reduce stress.

So when you have one of those moments, when it feels like your head is going to explode, strategic games will come to save you from stressing out.

Making a team of leaders

Quests that you take in a strategy game, can are able to make you a great leader. In an interview with Forbes magazine, Elliot Noss, the CEO of Tucows, confirms that playing World of Warcraft has made him a better leader.

The recipe is simple: the tasks given to you while playing strategy games are incredibly leadership-driven. That’s because all such tasks have significant meanings. These tasks form the whole framework of the game.

Similarly, Mr. Noss has explained to his employees that small day-to-day task is as significant for the company goals, as tasks in a strategy game are significant for the whole purpose of the game. Isn’t it a good motivation already?


While many HR managers are struggling to find a way to unite the whole team by organizing staff parties, there’s a better team-building tool to bring together all co-workers. “What we do is we gather every day at 4 p.m. to play a little bit”, says Jim Atkins, a writer at Best essay tips. “We even invited our boss to play with us!”

This is a really great tool to build a nice relationship with your boss. While doing a task together, you are also looking for solutions together. This will help you and your boss avoids misunderstanding in the future.

Increase efficiency

It has been proven that playing strategy games, which are abundant in details, helps you organize and manage big volumes of information. Consequently, you increase your performance and productivity at work.

Strategy games are also helpful when it comes to dealing with unexpected issues and difficult situations. They will help you become more stress-resistant, so it’s a win-win both for you and for your boss, who you’ll gain more respect from.

Strategic thinking

You sit with your boss and co-workers trying to work out a solution for an issue your company has been dealing with for some time. What probably has never come to your mind that this necessary strategic thinking of the whole group can be acquired while playing a strategy game!

Besides, if you fail during the game, it will not only serve as a great learning experience both for you and for your boss. It will help you understand that failure is crucial for success. It gives you the motivation to be more productive. Besides, it will definitely help your boss to understand you better when you fail to do a particular task.


So, there’s a huge learning experience coming from playing strategy games at work with your boss and the whole team. Tell your boss about these advantages of playing strategy games at work and build a stronger, better team together!

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