Strong Relationship with Customers That Drives Your Sales Revenue  


The literal meaning of a customer relationship is the connection between the seller and the buyer or their behavior among themselves. A relationship is a common word used in daily life, but when used in the professional world, it plays a crucial role in deciding the future of your business. Good relations with customers are the key to boost your sales that means, if a customer is happy, you are happy.


Strong Relationship with customers that drives your sales revenue:

One of the prime tasks for a company is to develop a product. Once the product is developed, The next step is to generate sales. Selling is a unique art that decides the future of the company. This is why the emphasis is laid on putting huge investments in providing training to the sales team.

In today’s era, sales via face-to-face interactions are reduced, and more emphasis is laid on online sales as a large sector of customer shops online. So maintaining constancy and improving sales on a daily basis is completely concentrated on building strong relations with customers, as this is the only way that drives your sales revenue. A study shows that there were 59% higher expectations in customer services by the customers in 2018 compared to 2017 and will rise further in 2020, which shows how important it is to maintain relations with customers.


Functions to perform in customer relations: Whether they are reactive or proactive in nature, equal emphasis should be laid on both. The proactive function includes necessary steps taken to ensure healthy and long-term relations with customers. This can be achieved by solving customer needs on a regular basis and making them feel that your platform is the best option for them. There are various ways to satisfy customers, such as providing information regarding products and giving them exclusive offers and discounts.

Reactive functions play a crucial role in deciding the future of your customer with you as it includes how sincerely you act on issues raised by them. This further includes responding to all complaints on a timely basis. This not only helps in creating a strong bond with customers but also provide a positive vibe in terms of:

Customer Retention:  Customer retention is considered a central focus of every business plan and is one of the difficult tasks to perform because you cannot judge exactly whether your customer is happy with your service or not. Customer retention depends upon the experience provided to the user by providing them quality products and fair suggestions. A study on the same shows that 60% of customers are happy to go with the same company if their issue is handled fairly, and 61% of customers avoid shopping with the company in the future, which does not provide them good and timely service.

Customer Loyalty: Loyalty plays a crucial role in improving sales. When the customer is provided with fair deals, exclusive discounts and offers, it makes them feel good and trust is generated. Chances are very less that he/she will go somewhere else for shopping in the future. Building positive customer experience increases loyalty and creates a strong bond with customers. A recent study on this shows that 55% of customers are ready to pay more money for service or product if they previously had a good experience with the company.

A good way to earn customer loyalty is by taking help of push notifications like WordPress – Woocommerce Push Notifications which send automated push notifications to customers, related to newly launched products, price drop alerts, offers, invitations to participate, reminders to complete purchases for items in cart which make them feel cared and special, thus give boost to your sales.

  • Customer satisfaction: Satisfying customers is one of the difficulties one needs to overcome to enhance sales. If a customer is satisfied with your products and services offered by you, chances are rare that he/she is going to leave your company easily to your competitors. But if you are unable to satisfy your customer they will hesitate to buy your products in the future

As per research, 91% of customers who don’t raise complaints against the service offered by the company will not make a purchase from the same company in the future. In order to prevent this situation Feedback from customers plays a major role.

Final conclusion: Today almost 9 out of every 10 businesses are surviving in the market based on their relations with the customers. Hence a good and effective relationship with a customer is the key factor in deciding the future of the organization in the market by giving a boost in sales revenue.


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WonderPush, a platform that provides paramount information on building a strong relationship with customers that helps to drive sales revenue. This article is a dossier that gives an idea of the psychology behind attracting more customers by providing in-depth information on tailored communication.


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