Student Giving Presentation On Cosplay While Cosplaying as Batman

Cosplaying as Batman

Raymond Luna who is a college student from Covina, CA had to give a class presentation, so he asked his professor if he could give a presentation on the history of cosplay dressed up as Batman.

After getting the go ahead from the professor, Luna showed up to class dressed up in Batman’s armor from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

He posted a few photos from the presentation on his Instagram account including a video of him surprising the class when he walked in all decked out at Batman.

“I’m always excited when others approve of this. I know there was a time when cosplaying was frowned upon and looked at differently. Today, many people want to get in on the fun.”

Tell me. Did you study?! You will!😂📖🙌

A video posted by ✌Raymond Luna 🇺🇸 (@tonystark626) on

Reviewing my speech before presenting it to the citizens of Gotham. 😂🙌📖📚

A photo posted by ✌Raymond Luna 🇺🇸 (@tonystark626) on

My class picture > Your class picture Definitely have to find another day to invade @mtsac 🙌🙌😁😁

A photo posted by ✌Raymond Luna 🇺🇸 (@tonystark626) on

I feel we pull off #wonderbat pretty well. 💑💑😍😍 Wonder Woman: @wonderwoman_xoxo Media account: @thecosplayleaguers

A photo posted by ✌Raymond Luna 🇺🇸 (@tonystark626) on

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