Stunning Evolved Mechanical Creatures Made Out of LEGO

Mechanical Creatures Lego

Mitsuru Nikaido, who is known for his Lego creations now made a new creation, He is famous for his wide and unique LEGO menagerie of evolved Mecha creatures.

LEGO Mecha  Octopus Mk2-07

LEGO Mecha Nautilus Mk2-06

LEGO Mecha Walrus_08

LEGO Mecha Water Bear_04

LEGO Mecha Triceratops_02

LEGO Bird_10


These creatures are from the deep sea to land, to air to water, and even the extinct Triceratops. Like the Mecha Coelacanth, these animals have adjusted to thrive in harsher conditions than those of the earlier generations.

Nikaido has begun selling many of these designs as NFTs on Open Sea.



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