Stunning Mashup Images Show How Big These Famous Objects Really Are

The Titanic

Kevin Wisbith, a college student and entrepreneur who lives near Cincinnati created this brilliant series.

The aim of the series, Wisbith said is to help people “continue learning about the world they live in, in a comprehensible fashion that is also entertaining and not a huge time burden.”

He continued:

“A lot of times scale is mentioned as 10 times larger or 100 times larger, but due to the fact that we perceive most of our world through sight, it’s really hard to understand how big 10 times or 100 times larger is without being able to see it with our own eyes. While scale is still one of the main focus points of the series, I am slowly branching out into other forms of measurement such as weight, value, and distance, to name a few.”

“It’s not always an exact scale,” he said of his approach, “but I try to get as close as possible with the information I have available to me.”


The 2.6 Trillion Dollar Rock

Largest Radio Telescope in the World

The M-1 Rocket Motor

Burj Khalifa

The Titanic

B-2 Bomber

The Pulmonoscorpius kirktonensis or (Breathing Scorpion)

The Mir Mine

Worlds Largest Oil Tanker

The Death Star

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