Stunning Officially Licensed DC & Marvel Coats

Officially Licensed DC & Marvel Coats

Last month Fun Wear introduced us to a new line of DC and Marvel-Themed Business Suits designed to let your geek flag fly even when you are at the office, wedding, or other special occasion.

Now, unveiled this incredible suits collection and is at it again with their newest line of FunWear. Winter doesn’t stand a chance with these superhero themed coats. Both kids and adults alike can hit the slopes dressed in full Iron Man attire or for the adults who prefer a more subtle approach, they can dress in their Sunday best with a hint of superhero hidden within the coat lining.

Check out the full collection of Marvel and DC jackets that are now available for pre-order. The entire line is discounted 20% during pre-order and stock is expected to arrive in November.

Suit up in your favorite character this winter and remember to protect, defend, and stay warm.

dc-peacoat adult-iron-man

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