Stunningly Colorful Godzilla Art Work By Andy Hau

Stunningly Colorful Godzilla Art Work By AndyHau

Absolutely love the monster which is Godzilla but he was portrayed as hero in the 2014 Godzilla, Something was really off about that movie. Today I am featuring this brilliant artwork by Andy hau.  A.H.A. Design were commissioned by ShortList Magazine to design a poster for Godzilla and you can see the outcome of it above. We here at FizX love movie artwork and mashups and this is the most beautiful design we have seen in the 2015 so far. We will do a roundup of the best 2014 artworks inspired by the movies soon. So stay in touch.


Everything Wrong With Godzilla

Honest Trailer for GODZILLA

Inspired by the architecture of New York, the neon colours of Toyko and the vintage Japanese posters for Godzilla, we created a poster that celebrates the exuburance of the original films.

“Beast of Burden” prints are available for purchase here.

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