Stunningly Gorgeous 1940s DC Sizzling Hawkgirl Cosplay

Hawkgirl Cosplay

Check out this stunning cosplay of  DC’s sizzling Hawkgirl cosplay by Galacticat. If you love 1940s pin-up Bombshell heroines, then you should check out this our previously posted 1940s-style DC comics heroines pin-up art.

Here’s what she had to say about it:

“I love the DC Bombshells line created by Ant Lucia, and all of the designs are fantastic – but there was no question in my mind which one I had to cosplay: Hawkgirl! She’s one of my favorite DC characters and I absolutely love her design – especially the creative take on her wings! The jetpack build was a collaboration between my boyfriend and , and it’s made from all sorts of materials: PVC pipes, fiberglass, 3D printed pieces, foam, Worbla, and more! I completed the costume for C2E2 2015 and finally got to do a photoshoot a couple months ago. Since her poster is an ad for Thanagar Tree-Top Tours, I was determined to shoot in the woods with a WWII Jeep – and a friend of mine helped make it happen! The photos were taken by CGC Creative.”

Hawkgirl Cosplay (8) Hawkgirl Cosplay Hawkgirl Cosplay Hawkgirl CosplayHawkgirl Cosplay Hawkgirl Cosplay Hawkgirl Cosplay

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