Stuntmen Praised Jackie Chan’s Most Insane Stunt Moments

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is the greatest action hero, he is a stuntman and hero rolled into one, His old Hong Kong movies are the best and the way he did his stunts is just insane, no CGI, no body doubles, it’s all him and it is all amazing! Now in a new episode of Stuntmen React from Corridor Crew focuses on Jackie Chan Gui and Clint are joined by the legendary Andy Cheng and they detail Chan’s fantastic martial arts style, performance, and history.

Jackie Chan films were the freakin’ greatest and I’m his biggest fan, man is a legend! He was so much fun to watch and his movies were so different and unique from all of the movies we were watching at the time. That dude was talented and the stuff he did for his action scenes was mind-boggling.

You can watch those scenes explored in the video below and they come with some amazing insight and commentary.

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