Stupid Things Rappers These Days Tend To Do

There was a time when rap as an extension of “hip-hop” and as a genre signified a movement against the hypocrisy of the elite, the division of the classes, the violent crimes and injustice that ran deep in the underbelly of the ghetto. This is what shot this music to worldwide following in the first place. But, those were the days of the past. Now we have “rappers” who think darker skin, bling and offensive lyrics are all they need to shoot to fame.

While it may seem to work for a lot of people, we refuse to compromise on what some people think is “music”. This is what inspired us to track down the six stupidest things rappers tend to do, and should stop doing already.

1)   Swag

“Swag this”, “swag floor”, “swag baby”, or worse “Swaggah like us”. Swag, as a word, makes sense. But the uncontrolled use of it just doesn’t cut it. It takes annoying to a whole new level especially when that same word is used to denote two completely different ideas (and not as an expression, mind you, unlike another all too familiar 4-letter word). There are countless words in the English language, yet, how is it that all rappers of late seem to be obsessed with just this one?

2)   Pretend to play instruments

Honestly, we can identify that auto-tune even if we’re comatose and holed up in the center of the earth. And once that truth has been realized, we pretty much know they have no musical talent whatsoever. Wanting to learn the instrument or fooling around with it is one thing, going on stage and pretending they’ve been playing that instrument since forever is quite another. Walking about town with an electric guitar hanging from the shoulders makes them look cool. Or so they think. But hey, we all know what Lil Wayne did.

3)   Sing

 When they can’t, not even to save their lives. Sometimes, the lines between singing and rapping are blurred to the point where you can’t decide whether there’s a rapper who can sing or a singer who can rap. In any case, there is always that bunch of rappers who sing like an entire population of toads is dying in their throats. Or, as if an epileptic fit is oncoming. There are artists like Cee-Lo Green and Eminem, who can do a fine job at both things, and then there’s Nicki Minaj and auto-tuned Kanye West, whose vocal abilities could easily work as weapons of mass destruction.

4)   Low pants

One, low pants are so year 2000. And two, they’re just plain ugly. Honestly, even the lamest rappers easily make more money than any average Joe, and yet they seem like the ones in desperate tips on how to dress. How difficult is it to find and wear jeans that fit? More importantly, what purpose do those ultra-baggy, ridiculously low pants serve anyway?

5)   Boycott human vocabulary

We believe this is nothing less than some shady trickery to lead innocent people into believing that they’re too daft to understand the depth of the song. Trust us, it’s not you, it’s the rappers. With their deliberately incoherent rapping, rhymesthat would make a five year old look like Pablo Neruda, it’s pretty understandable. Sometimes, at least the tone gives away the emotion. But thanks to auto-tune and tremor-like beats, even that becomes an adventure you don’t want to have anything to do with.

6)   Lame tattoos

Some tattoos make you think, “What were they thinking?!” Well, you already know the answer to that- they weren’t. Speaking of which, we really think face tattoos involving ice creams should be made illegal.

It’s not like we have anything against the genre and its artistes. But, when we think of how movies were made based on great artistes back then, we really can’t stand the thought of having any movie or TV series made on the recent lot.

The author of this post, Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger who writes for Behind The Talent, a website that provides latest entertainment and celebrity news. In her free time, she indulges in her hobbies like reading and listening to music. You can follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.

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