Summer Is On Its Way: How To Stay On Top Of Pop Culture This Season

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Summer is just around the corner and for many people, this means being able to take some time off to enjoy time with family and friends. Summer also means having more time to catch up on music, books, films, television series, and other entertaining aspects of popular culture. Here are some recommendations for you to make the most out of popular culture this summer:

Be the Big Reader in Your Family

If you enjoy reading during the summer, you should pass on this admirable trait to younger members of your family. Summer learning loss is a problem that the National Center for Education Statistic attributes in part to the low incidence of summer reading in many households. Children do not have to read textbooks or classic works of literature during their summer vacation. Popular young adult novels can be instructive and uplifting; what is important is that young learners continue reading during the summer. When you go to the library to check out a best-seller for the summer, be sure to take along young readers in your family and let them pick fun titles.

Explore New Podcasts

If you want to discover new music, films, comics, and other works of pop culture to enjoy during the summer, consider subscribing to a podcast. Over the last couple of years, audio podcasts have enjoyed a resurgence thanks to new producers who see digital audio as the natural successor to talk radio. Some of the hottest comedic podcasts for 2017 include: Anna Faris is Unqualified and The Crab Feast. If you enjoy listening to engaging personalities, check out WTF by Marc Maron. Hip-hop culture is handled with humor and style by the Bodega Boys, and the best podcast for people who enjoy learning about the world around them is This American Life.

Enjoy DVD Collections

For all the hype about Netflix and the streaming video revolution, DVD box sets and collections are still among the best summer companions you can hope for. If you plan to spend a few summer days on a remote beach or in the countryside, you might not be able to get enough bandwidth for streaming services. Thankfully, online stores such as Pristine Sales offer complete television series such as The Walking Dead and Downtown Abbey on DVD. Other DVD ideas for the summer include film anthologies such as the Harry Potter collection and Fifty Years of James Bond.

In the end, summer is the best season for enjoying not only the beach and the outdoors. It is also perfect for exploring the magic of pop culture. Just make sure to stay in the know and take your time to stay up to date with all of the latest releases.

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